Uppababy Mira 2-in-1 Bouncer and Seat


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Uppababy Mira 2-in-1 Bouncer and Seat


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The Perfect Fusion of Cozy, Calming, and Comfort in Uppababy Mira 2-in-1 Bouncer & Seat

Experience the perfect fusion of functionality and coziness with the UPPAbaby Mira 2-in-1 bouncer and seat. This innovative product is designed to provide your little one with a comforting environment, ensuring they feel cozy and relaxed at all times.

Embrace Serenity with Gentle Rocking
The UPPAbaby Mira 2-in-1 bouncer and seat embrace your baby with gentle rocking motions, offering a calming experience that soothes and comforts them. Whether it’s nap time or playtime, this feature ensures your little one feels relaxed and content.

Convenient Design for Easy Storage and Portability
Say goodbye to bulky baby gear! The Mira folds flat for effortless storage, making it convenient to tuck away when not in use. Additionally, its integrated carry handle allows for easy portability, ensuring you can take it with you wherever you go.

Certified Comfort and Safety
Rest assured knowing that the UPPAbaby Mira 2-in-1 bouncer and seat prioritize both comfort and safety. With certifications such as GREENGUARD® Gold, JPMA, and FSC, you can trust that your baby is surrounded by quality materials and construction.

Let’s explore the features and specifications of the UPPAbaby Mira 2-in-1 bouncer and seat in detail:


Seat Fabric with Breathable Mesh: Provides optimal airflow for your baby’s comfort.
Included Cozy Seat Liner: Enhances comfort and adds a touch of softness.
Easy Parent-Facing Recline Adjustment: Allows you to customize the seating position for your baby’s comfort.
Adjustable Padded Harness: Ensures a secure fit for your little one.
Machine-Washable Fabrics: Makes cleaning a breeze for busy parents.
Included Storage Bag with Multiple Carry Handles: Offers convenience for travel and storage.
Toy Bar Accessories: Enhance fine motor development and hand-eye coordination (sold separately).


Suitable Age: From birth to 2 years.
Weight Range: Suitable for babies weighing 8 – 29 lbs (3.5 – 13 kg).
Product Weight: Lightweight at only 8 lbs (3.6 kg).
Dimensions (Fully Open): 28.5” L x 16.25” W x 24.5” H (72.3cm L x 41.2cm W x 11.4cm H).
Cozy, Calming, Comfort
The UPPAbaby Mira 2-in-1 bouncer and seat epitomize coziness, calming your baby with gentle rocking motions and a snug seat fabric. Whether it’s nap time or playtime, this product ensures your little one feels comfortable and secure.

Popular FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Uppababy Mira 2-in-1 Bouncer

Can the seat fabric be removed for washing?
Yes, the seat fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Is the Mira bouncer suitable for newborns?
Yes, the Mira is suitable for babies from birth up to 2 years old.

Does the bouncer come with toy bar accessories?
While the bouncer itself does not include toy bar accessories, they are available for purchase separately to enhance your baby’s playtime experience.

What certifications does the UPPAbaby Mira have?
The Mira holds certifications such as GREENGUARD® Gold, JPMA, and FSC, guaranteeing that it meets strict safety and environmental criteria.

How portable is the UPPAbaby Mira?
The Mira features an integrated carry handle and folds flat for easy storage and portability, making it convenient for travel or moving between rooms.

Is assembly required for the UPPAbaby Mira?
Minimal assembly is required, and the product comes with easy-to-follow instructions for setup.

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